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Activities and Projects for Kids

  • Here is a fun game for everyone.  You might know it by another name, the alphabet game. We call it the Watershed Alphabet Game. The rules are simple - During each season of the year take a hike on a trail along your favorite creek, stream or river. See if you can find something along the stream for each letter of the alphabet, a plant, animal, or mineral. For instance, W for water. In winter it could be F for frozen water or I for ice.  You’ll find different things in the different seasons, and as you learn more about streams and watersheds you’ll be able to find more. This game can also be played as a scavenger hunt, or class project. BUT don't collect the plants, animals, or rocks - take pictures. Then post them on your own website.
  • On the EPA's homework resources web page, click on different areas of the picture to go to other web pages.


These resources get more advanced as you go down the page.

  • The USGS Learning Web is dedicated to K-12 education and lifelong learning.
  • Everyone should check out this EPA website:  Careers and Internships.  It has links for careers, internships & scholarships, more information on aquatic ecosystems, drinking water, ground water, water conservation, water pollution, and data sources.
  • The USGS Water Science for Schools: All About Water! website covers water basics, the water cycle, and Q&A (Questions and Answers).
  • Learn about surface runoff from the USGS Water Cycle website: Surface Runoff.
  • If you want to improve your environmental vocabulary try this glossary. Terms of the Environment

Beyond the Basics

USGS - Illinois Water Science Center

USGS - Water Resources Information for Students and Teachers

CWA - The Clean Water Act

Laws - Major Environmental Laws