Reservoirs along Salt Creek are listed in the table below. These facilities were designed to reduce flooding in areas near Salt Creek and their basic function is to store water during rain events and hold it for subsequent managed release.  In the table, the unit acre-foot is the amount of water covering one acre of land to a depth of one foot or 325,851 gallons.  A link to greater detail for some reservoirs is provided when available.

Reservoir Location Capacity Completed
Busse Woods Elk Grove Village 1,768 1976
Tom T. Hamilton Palatine 537 1981
Margreth Riemer Palatine 5 1984
Twin Lakes Palatine 430 1986
Plum Grove Palatine/Rolling Meadows 218 1984
St. Michael Schaumburg/Rolling Meadows 407 1986
Wood Dale-Itasca Reservoir Wood Dale/Itasca 1,750 2002
Spring Creek Reservoir Bloomingdale 870 1989
Meacham Grove Flood Control Facility Bloomingdale 575 1996
Louis Reservoir Addison 210 1994
Elmhurst Quarry Elmhurst 8,300 1993
Eldridge Park Reservoir Elmhurst 136 1992
Mayfair Reservoir Westchester 100 1975