Salt Creek Watershed Network

The Salt Creek Watershed Network (SCWN) was formed in March of 1998 as a grass roots organization to bring people together, raise awareness of the issues facing the creek, and find ways to make the creek an enjoyable resource for people. SCWN recognized that various groups with common goals were operating throughout the watershed, but local efforts needed a regional perspective to ensure long-term and watershed-wide improvements.

Our Mission

The mission of Salt Creek Watershed Network is to seek a common vision and provide coordination and promote communication among the various volunteer groups, citizens, businesses, agencies and others operating and living within the watershed. By facilitating, partnering and conducting public education throughout the watershed, SCWN promotes the improvement of water quality, recreation, and the use of best management practices and ecosystem enhancements.

History of the Salt Creek Watershed Network

In early 1998, concerned citizens from the Salt Creek watershed came together to find common ground from which they could improve the quality of the watershed. Those stakeholders became participants of the Watershed Planning Team. In February 1999, the planning process began to identify and prioritize the concerns of the watershed residents.  Eight major resource categories were identified:

  • Water quality

  • Streambank maintenance

  • Habitat

  • Flooding

  • Land Use

  • Public Policy

  • Public awareness/education

  • Recreation

Further information can be found on page 6 of our booklet, “Restoring Balance”.