Land Donation and purchase along Salt Creek

At a Call Commission meeting for the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County on Jan. 25, 2011, two parcels of land totaling 3.593 acres were DONATED to the FPDDC by DUPAGE COUNTY LAND HOLDING, LLC. We are grateful to DUPAGE COUNTY LAND HOLDING, LLC for this land donation and hope they will develop their remaining property using environmentally sound practices.

At the same meeting the FPDDC purchased a 0.3 acre lot in Wood Dale from a willing seller. We also thank this property owner for their sale to the FPDDC.

An undeveloped shoreline is the best and least expensive method to improve water quality in the Salt Creek. Undeveloped land in a natural condition filters water before it enters the creek and provides habitat for animal life. If you or someone you know is selling land along Salt Creek, please consider a sale to the Forest Preserve District, of Cook or DuPage counties.