2014 Elk Grove Village Cleanup Day

The EGV Salt Creek clean up was a huge success due to the volunteers from Christus Victor Boy Scout troop 95 and Elk Grove Village park district equipment and operators. The creek was scoured from Arlington Heights road down to Clearmont street. The water was low and clear and temperatures perfect which was ideal for the clean up so the Scouts were able to remove a lot of garbage. They collected the usual construction cone and horse a corrugated drain pipe and one of the most peculiar things was a auto radiator as well as the obligatory bicycle.


There were also many other items that one has to wonder how did that end up in the creek in the first place? This was the twentieth year of cleanups in EGV and it is astounding how much was cleaned out over all, it would make a mountain of garbage. Our environment is such a precious jewel that deserves our understanding and respect and for some of us lucky enough to live along the Salt Creek, it is a humbling reminder of how awesome mother nature truly is. I believe this was the 32nd cleanup over all in EGV with a total accumulation of around 72 cubic yards of garbage cleaned up from this just over a mile stretch of creek.

Please mark your calendars for the 21st annual EGV Salt Creek cleanup on Saturday June 6th 2015.

There are also several cleanup days all along the creek in other towns throughout the year, making a difference cleaning up the entire watershed. 

Thank you to all the volunteers that help bring the Salt Creek into public awareness and help restore its natural beauty.

Nick Nikola
President, Salt Creek Watershed Network