Eagle Scout Awareness Project

Hello, my name is Ben Longo, I am a Boy Scout from Troop 14 in Lagrange. Thank you for looking up the Salt Creek Watershed Network website. If you saw my sign on the Salt Creek Trail you have seen an inspiration I have had for many years now. I love the bike path and many people don’t know that the creek is available to paddle on. I encourage you to borrow, rent, or even purchase a kayak or canoe to use on such a beautiful creek that is right in our back yard. My Eagle project has two parts. The first is promoting the use of the creek in the community, its easy, and fun for everyone. And the second part of my project is to plan, organize, and execute a Salt Creek clean up at the end of September 2014 using canoes and kayaks with my Boy Scout Troop.

If you are interested in paddling on the creek I recommend starting at the Bemis Woods North put-in (South of 31st Street off of Wolf Road) and ending at the 26th Street Put-out. Its only a three mile trip and should take approximately two hours to do. Thank you so much for supporting my eagle project and if you go on the creek, email me your story or even pictures of your trip at blongo13@hotmail.com and tell me how it went!

Thank you!