Eagle Scout Project

I grew up biking on the Salt Creek Trail and canoeing on Salt Creek, so the creek has always been a part of my life.  Canoeing was always fun, and removing trash from the creek as we went along was something my dad and I would try to do whenever we went out on a trip.  Eventually I became aware of what Salt Creek Watershed Network was doing to clean up along the banks of the creek, but I wondered about removing trash from the water itself.

When the time came to work on my Eagle Scout project which was needed to earn my Eagle Badge, it seemed natural to select one involving Salt Creek.  I wanted people to become aware of the importance of a clean environment as well as to draw attention to organizations such as Salt Creek Watershed Network which are working toward that goal.  One phase of the project involved organizing 14 boys in canoes and kayaks who cleaned garbage from the creek on a beautiful day in September.  It turned into an incredible cleanup experience and I fully thank those who participated and the Salt Creek Watershed Network for its support.


Eagle Scout Ben Longo