2015 Elk Grove Village Cleanup

It was a great day for the 21st annual Elk Grove Village Salt Creek clean up. There were just over two dozen volunteers, the majority from Christus Victor Boy Scout Troop 95, three CERT members, several local residents and at least one non-resident.  Together they collected about one cubic yard of trash from in and along the Salt Creek.  As you can see from the attached pictures a thorough effort was given by all the volunteers.  Most all of the trash collected on land was deposited in area garbage cans and the items collected from the actual creek bed were left in a pile for the Village public works department to pick up.  Not long after, a scrap recycler happened by and picked all the metals out of the pile.

Since starting in 1995, the improvement in the cleanliness along the creek is phenomenal.  Every year less and less man-made trash is removed.  It is truly heart warming to see that so many care enough to make a difference by volunteering to help clean up our local environment.  An enormous thank you to all involved with this effort. Sincerely,

Nick Nikola